Privacy Policy

Here at Square Deals Ltd we’re dedicated to keeping your data safe and we work to provide you with an enjoyable experience when you visit our website. All the information below includes what we do with your information, why we collect it, and other privacy concerns you may have. If you think some of the data we have collected about you or anyone know, is false, please contact us on . 

What data we may collect from you.

Some of this information can be collected from you, whereas it can be all of this information, it will depend on your interactions with this website and whether you agree to us collecting it. We also won’t ask for information that we don’t need.

  • Name.

  • Email address.

  • Company you work for.

  • The company’s website URL.

  • Information from customer surveys or questionnaires.

  • IP address.

  • Demographic information. This may include location and interests.

What we will use this information for.

Alongside giving you a great user experience, we may also use your information for:

  • Improving our website and emails you may receive.

  • Sending any promotional or informative emails that we think you will benefit from.

  • Our own records.

  • Marketing research information to improve our services.

Your rights.

We want you to know that you are still in control when it comes to your data. Below highlights some ways in which yo can keep your info safe and secure.

  • You are able to opt out of any direct marketing emails we may send you, by not ticking the ‘Accept’ option.

  • You can set your cookie preferences on your browser settings.

  • You are always able to unsubscribe from our emails if you have already signed up. However if you are unable to find the button, please email us at and we’ll sort that out for you. 


Cookies are a small file containing a bit of information linked to a particular client or website. Similar to a key, a specific cookie will unlock (With your permission) a computers memory and allow a particular website to ‘remember’ users to improve the user experience. This is done as web applications will respond to you individually, looking at your likes and preferences from past information you have allowed it to gather.

Here at Square Deals, we use cookies to improve your experience when you come to our website, however it is entirely up to you whether you want to accept or decline cookies. Depending on what web browser you are using, it may automatically accept cookies, but you are able to change this in the Setting section of the browser.


We use First Party and Third Party cookies to compile aggregate data about site traffic and site interaction so we can optimise our website and your experience. Providing you accept the cookies agreement, we may gather information from you for marketing purposes on third party sites, and this information may be shared with our trusted social media advertising partners.

Your details will be kept on our system unless we are told by you to remove them.

Under current GDPR regulations, you may find out what information it is that we hold about you by emailing us at  .

Our website may contain links to other related websites whose privacy policies we have no control over. We will encourage you to read their policies and cookie information to ensure your data isn’t exploited.

Changes to this Privacy Policy are not likely to be significant but we will remind you to keep checking to see if there have been any updates, and you are fully aware of all your rights as an individual.