The ‘Garden Room’ Featuring Solid Tiled Roof.
Can be retrofitted onto existing conservatories.

For a comfortable, usable environment due to the superior insulation & sound
absorbing qualities. More cost effective to heat in winter, cooler in summer.
More of an ‘Extension’ without the high cost & disruption.

The ‘Garden Room’ Featuring Solid Tiled Roof. Can be retrofitted onto existing conservatories.

For a comfortable, usable environment due to the superior insulation & sound absorbing qualities. More cost effective to heat in winter, cooler in summer. More of an ‘Extension’ without the high cost & disruption.

GardenRoom Living

As homeowners, we all face the challenge of adding valuable living space to our homes and up till now we have had the choice of a costly extension or a conservatory. But what about the combination of the two?

A GardenRoom combines the light and airy feel of a traditional conservatory, yet with the solid, tiled roof and energy efficiency of an extension. It’s rapidly becoming the desired choice for extended living by consumers across the UK and Ireland, including those looking to replace their existing conservatories, helping to make a real room extension that’s part of the house.

GardenRooms are designed to blend seamlessly with you home, providing substantial extra living space that can be harnessed for a wide range of uses. Whether you are looking for a contemporary or traditional extension to your home, a GardenRoom can provide a highly functional, flexible and luxurious new living space.

From the inside

Sit inside a GardenRoom and you feel that you are in the most impressive room in the house. The GardenRoom creates a true sense of space with vaulted ceilings and the added benefit of more light from the world outside. A GardenRoom is also far more energy efficient and soundproof than a typical conservatory, important when you want a room to entertain or relax in all year round.

A beautiful GardenRoom can extend your living area and is ideal for dining and entertaining, but equally comfortable as a study, playroom or even as a kitchen. A GardenRoom makes for a highly versatile space that is warm in winter and cool in summer, making for the perfect all year round use.

You can also specify beautiful hardwood beams that also add strength to the overall structure, integrated spotlights and market leading Velux roof lights to let in more natural light and additional ventilation into your new extended living area.

From the outside

Take a look from the outside and a GardenRoom looks more like an extension thanks to the tiled roof and it also comes with a wide range of design options from the traditional to the contemporary.

While a conservatory is a glazed extension to the home, a GardenRoom can be designed to incorporate the features of the main house in terms of brickwork, roof tile colour and even roofing pitch, much like a traditional extension. We can offer you a completely bespoke design and you may even want to consider incorporating the very latest bi-folding doors into the overall design, which will open up your GardenRoom to the world outside.

For those homeowners changing their existing conservatory into a GardenRoom, then the transformation from both the inside and outside is quite amazing.

Let one of our design consultants create you something to be truly proud of.

Design options

Thanks to the flexibility of the GardenRoom, we can offer both typical conservatory and house extension designs, helping to make your additional living space a true part of the home. This also means that we can replace the roof on many existing conservatories, thereby completely transforming the existing space into something more luxurious and aspirational.

When it comes to design we can also offer innovative corner ideas, while a striking canopy feature can offer shade from the sun, a place to relax in the evening or even somewhere to sit and enjoy a little open-air dining. These features can also incorporate external spotlights, lighting up your patio, long after the sun goes down.

Our GardenRooms usually incorporate PVCu windows and doors and these can be specified in a wide range of colours and life like woodgrains including Irish Oak, Chartwell Green or even bespoke colours. Square Deals can advise you on the number of options available to ensure that your GardenRoom looks both stunning and yet is practical.

Tile and finishing touches

Your GardenRoom can be as individual as you are, thanks to our range of finishing touches. Many of our customers specify downlighters for the inside of their GardenRooms, but don’t forget we can add them to the outside too with the canopy and corner detail options.

We can also incorporate Velux roof lights into all of our designs and they are of course the world leaders in roof lights. A roof light can bring additional light and ventilation into a GardenRoom, helping improve the air quality and making for a brighter and more healthy indoor climate. Adding natural daylight to a GardenRoom offers a wide range of benefits and helps make a room feel more spacious.

When it comes to the external appearance of your GardenRoom we can also offer you a wide range of tiled finishes in terms of colour and appearance including slate grey, pewter grey, red and chestnut brown and these carry a 25 year guarantee. You may also want to consider the type of windows and doors that you’d like to add to your GardenRoom, including the latest bi-folding doors.

Built to last

Our GardenRooms are a permanent extension to the home and are therefore designed to last as long as the house. While a conservatory is designed with some element of flexibility our GardenRoom is designed with fixed joint technology and engineered using traditional roofing design. This means there is no worry of large gaps in the plaster appearing unlike some other inferior products.

We have designed our products with cutting edge 3D computer modelling and they have been exhaustively tested to be able to withstand the very harshest of climates in the UK. We also have our own dedicated structural posts that are incorporated into the overall design of the GardenRoom whenever needed, along with a stylish hardwood strut, which is used to support larger GardenRoom roofs. These posts can also be incorporated into existing conservatories for homeowners wanting to replace their existing roofs.

Our installers also benefit from dedicated installation and surveyor training and every roof is hand built in our factory. This makes the installation process easier and quicker, so there’s less disruption on site.